Studio Policy


These policies are in place to ensure that every family has the most fulfilling experience with piano. 


Student & Parent Responsibility


Students: Play/practice your assignments throughout the week. These assignments may include theory exercises, scales, and sight reading as well as your pieces. Aim for 5 days a week. Daily practice is more effective than one or two longer practice sessions. Students will progress much more with consistent practice. 


Parents: Involvement in your child’s piano lessons is important. Learning piano requires consistency.

Please encourage your child to play at home. Feel free to contact Emily by email or phone about practicing issues, struggles or questions that may arise during the week.




Each student has his/her lesson time that is set at the beginning of the semester.

Once the time is set for the child, it is in place for the semester.

The lesson time may not be altered until the next semester.


Each fall/spring semester is 16 weeks. August-December for Fall and January-May for Spring.

Summer is 6 lessons from June to July.  

Students that do not take lessons over the summer will not get priority in scheduling

and may not have a slot for the fall. 

 Holidays follow East Baton Rouge Public School calendar. 


Please be punctual. If the student is late, he/she will miss that portion of the lesson.

Books must be brought to every lesson.

If your child will miss the lesson that week, please notify Emily by phone or email.

(Texting is the fastest way to get in touch. I will not be able to answer the phone during students' lessons) 


Makeup Lesson Policy


No makeup lessons will be given if a student misses a lesson for any reason such as

sports, play dates, family trips, no shows etc. 

A make-up lesson will be given if the teacher needs to cancel.  


One makeup lesson per semester will be given in the case of a

serious illness or death in the family

if the teacher is notified at least 24 hours in advance. 

Online lessons are available. 

Please use this option if they stayed home from school the day of the lesson due to illness. 


Here is an article about makeup lessons from an economist's point of view:


Books,  Materials, Instruments


 Emily will notify the parent of materials needed.

It is the parent's responsibility to purchase the books for their child.

These can be purchased at Zeagler's on Florida Blvd. or from online vendors such as 


Students must have an instrument for daily practice at home.

Acoustic pianos should be tuned regularly and in good condition.

Keyboards should be full size, 88 keys, pedals, and weighted.

(If you are in the market for a piano, Emily can help guide you in a good direction.)




Tuition is charged by the semester. 

Fall and spring semesters can be paid in full, two, or four equal installments.

Summer lessons can be paid in full or two equal installments.

 Payments are due at the first lesson of each month for four equal payments.

Fall: Aug - Nov. Spring: Jan- April

Two equal payments due at the first lesson in Aug & Oct and Jan. & March.

 If tuition installment is not paid before the 10th of the month, a $20 late fee will added.

Payment accepted: cash, checks payable to Emily Ball or through the Venmo app. 

A $50 yearly registration fee will be added to the fall tuition. 


*There will be a slight increase each school year. This is simply to keep up with inflation.

Lesson Termination


Student's enrollment is a semester commitment for lessons and tuition.

No re-enrollment is needed from fall to spring semesters.

However, if the student is not continuing from the fall to spring, one month notice is needed. 

 If a student can no longer take lessons through the semester, a 30 day written notice is requested.

*Any tuition remaining for the semester is still due and

no refund will be given for the missed lessons.*

Emily Ball retains the right to terminate the lesson contract with any student due to excessive absences,

failure to pay tuition in a timely manor, or lack of commitment. 




Thank you for your cooperation!