Marilyn Dr. 

Baton Rouge, LA 70815


    Tuition rates for 2019-2020 School Year:  
    Tuition is charged by semester
    Fall/Spring: 16 weeks each & Summer: 6 weeks

    30 Minutes
    • Fall/ Spring: $495 per semester 


    • Summer: $185 per semester


    45 Minutes
    •  Fall/Spring: $760 per semester


    • Summer: $285 per semester

    Partner lessons and adult packages are also available. Email for details. 


    Proper lesson length will be advised for each student.


    * There will be a slight increase of 1-3% each year. This is simply to keep up with inflation. 

    A $50 annual registration/enrollment fee will be added to fall tuition for all students

    to cover  fall, spring, and summer semesters.

    If a new student starts in spring, $35 will be added to their tuition.

    $15 will be added for new summer students. 




    PPayment Options

    Fall and spring semesters payment options: full, two, or four equal payments. 

    Summer payment: full or two equal payments.

    Payments are due at the first lesson of each month.

    Any late payment recieved after the 10th of the month will have a $20 late fee added.

    Cash or checks payable to Emily Ball, or venmo app.

    What Tuition Covers

    Emily Ball has chosen to make teaching her occupation, business, and livlihood. Much of the work for your child’s lesson is actually done outside of the lesson, in order to lesson plan for weekly, monthly, and semester goals as well as events. 

    As with any business, costs are calculated to provide a high-quality service to students, and a livelihood for the teacher.

    • Lesson time spent with student

    • Lesson planning: short term and long term

    • Recital costs 

    • Continuing education, teacher certifications, membership dues to organizations, conferences, and educational journals. 

    • Music library

    • Studio expenses: piano tuning and maintenance, website maintenance, copies, software.

    • Insurance, self employment federal and state taxes, and retirement.